What our clients are saying

Certified Machinery Services works with sheet metal fabricators nationwide who:

  • Need to maintain production in order to assure profitability
  • Want high-quality service provided effectively and efficiently
  • Cannot afford delays in repair and maintenance

Our clients work in an industry facing decreasing profit margins and the challenges of on-demand delivery. Success is dependent on efficient and predictable production.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Technical support is difficult to reach by telephone.
  • The technician – when he finally arrives – has no idea of the history of the machine and valuable time is lost explaining the problem again.
  • The technician sent to repair your machine is constantly on the telephone asking for help
  • Required parts – even though you told them what you needed – were not brought, resulting in additional expense for a second service call and further delay.

At Certified Machinery Services, Inc. we understand the needs of our clients and we’ve made it our mission to help our customers obtain a competitive edge through consistently providing professional and knowledgeable technical service.

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